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Introducing a new series to keep you entertained during the coming political wasteland that will be the next thirteen months! In this series we will be fixing the terrible design choices made by the folks who want to run our country. As we all know, style is everything! All designs in this series will follow a standard 11.5″ x 3″ bumper-sticker size.

Marco Rubio's second time at bat

Marco Rubio’s second time at bat

So, the interwebz is in an absolute tizzy because Marco Rubio didn’t include Alaska and Hawaii in his refurbished campaign brand. You know, because it’s written in The Constitution that any graphic depiction of the United States must include all 50 states, right? Wrong.

Remember when everybody cried about the missing 49th and 50th states here? No. Neither do we.

Remember the butthurt over this? Neither do we.

Alaska and Hawaii get shafted a lot because of their geographic locations, not to mention the size difference between the two make it doubly difficult to include them on product or political packaging and still maintain any sense of balance. Use of the continental United States has long been marketing shorthand for representing the nation as a whole and there are even a few political precedents for this as well, not the least of which is LBJ’s 1964 campaign. Back in the internetless dark ages of The Sixties our collective feelings weren’t trained to lash out at the smallest little things as if someone set our children on fire. My, how far we’ve  evolved!

I really don’t have an issue with the missing latecomer states, but there’s also a bit of a kerfuffle over Rubio’s design team squishing our massive chunk of landscape to a smudge above his name. While I don’t agree that it implies Marco thinks himself bigger than the country, I do agree that there are complete morons out there who will think this, so it’s probably a good idea to find another idea. If you’re really stuck on this, then make your design team work for their money and dot the i with individual states. All 50 of them! Use each state in media designed for that specific state! [Note: Hawaii is still going to be a problem.]

Granted, this is much better than the Macy’s logo he was using previously, but truth be told, “rubio” combined with the USA graphic just kinda screams talk-radio station. All that’s missing is the call sign and frequency. And maybe some of those jagged, radiating electrical lines leading from the little USA graphic.

Menswear sale! This weekend only!

Menswear sale! This weekend only at Marco Rubio!

First, get rid of Avant Garde. It’s a good font if you want interconnected capitals that make your logo look all 1970’s newspaper advert, but the lower case letterforms–which is all you need–can be found elsewhere with better kerning, shape and weight. Futura, for instance. [Which appears to be what your slogan is set in.] It keeps the Art Deco style going, but to add that touch of young and hip, drop the dot! Nothing says modern, fun, youthful attitude than throwing caution, and your i-dot, out the window! But that leaves you a little texty and overly sparse and there’s that ascender sticking way up in the air like a big flagpole or something! [Yes, OK, we raised the bar here by custom ascending that ascender. So sue us.] Oh, what to do? Wait… did we say flagpole? Why yes, we did!

Look ma, no dot!

Look ma, no dot!

We created a bespoke American Flag for this and ran it up the pole! Not only does it fill out that section, but it dots the bejeepers out of the i without sacrificing any of the fifty states! Look, count the stars; they’re all there! Last thing is to move that slogan off the bottom and use it to balance out the top. Of course, this is still a tad texty, so we stripped in an action stripe for you! Finally, we took some of the depression out of that blue you were using. Seriously, our cat saw it and sulked under the bed for an hour. Cat people vote in record numbers, you know!

Now this is a logo your mom can be proud of!

Now this is a logo your mom can be proud of!

One typeface, minimal customization and you have a fresh, lean brand. No muss, no fuss! Which brings us to the “Boom! Mic Drop.” portion of our series. Feel free to have your campaign manager give us a ring!

-M Styborski

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