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Sep 7, 2015 by

In our third episode we tackle the incredible lump of boredom that is Chris Christie. This isn’t a bad brand, but it’s generically bland. As bland as Mike Huckabee’s text, in fact, which this essentially copies width for width. Thin/thick weighted text is all the rage for the next few months until someone breaks a new hard and fast design rule and creates the Next Big Trend In Design. Politically, however, this just sits there and says, “Vote for the fat guy for a lean tomorrow.” The slogan does nothing to inspire voters about the candidate or the future, but just reminds them that this guy won’t shut up about what’s wrong long enough to think of a way to fix it. Additionally, the slogan been spread to death. you have to look twice to be able to read this while it’s stagnant on a computer screen. Imagine the trouble your dad will have trying to read it on a yard sign at 20 mph!

We'll tell you, like, it's boring

We’ll tell you, like, it’s boring

Christie had a much better slogan a while back: “Let’s Get To Work!” Nobody actually believes that will happen, but it conveys an infinitely more inspiring message! We admit having trouble with this one at first. We had tried a two-tiered Chris Christie using one big C that wasn’t doing anything for him or us and we were just staring blankly at our laptop keyboard when the power button invaded our eyespace. And there it was. Truncate the candidate to C Christie, turn him unconventionally on his side and marry that to the better slogan! Done.



For the top text we used the trendy Keep Calm typeface which thickens nicely and has a less overused set of numerals. Down below we went outside the box for Synchro, a typeface that resembles the CRT screens which somehow still manage to infest many government offices. We toyed with green and orange here, but on white it’s somewhat offputting. On black it’s OK, but not terribly political looking. Then we ust kind of scotch-taped Christie’s big button there at the end.

Technically, this isn’t great design, [though that logo rawks,] but considering Christie’s checkered record a branding controversy is just the thing to make people stop talking about his gubernatorial problems. Instead of awkward “bridgegate” questions he can spend hours explaining why the logo is sideways and how computers are the wave of the future!

Chris, operators are standing by to take your campaign managers call!

-M Styborski

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