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Sep 25, 2015 by

What can we say about Charles Perry “Skip” Andrews, III that you don’t already know? Well, he graduated from Brigham Young with a degree in marketing. Not that anyone could tell by this:

Makes you rethink that college degree, don't it…

Makes you rethink that college degree, don’t it…

Our first thought was, “Ok, let’s skip Andrews and move on to the next guy!” But that wouldn’t be right. If any candidate needs a re-brand it’s Skip! This isn’t high school student council bad. It’s not even Department of Motor Vehicles inbox bad. This is… well, we really can’t even think of anything to compare it to. Dymo label on a file folder bad? No, this is even worse. But we immediately had an energetic improvement for this:

Sometimes we're like magic elves with this stuff!

Sometimes we’re like little magic elves with this stuff!

Skip is an action verb! Use it! Get some life into this campaign, dude! Sure, there will be a few smartasses singing “Skip To My Lou” at the rallies, but it’s a song that makes people smile. When was the last time you smiled at politics? [Us either!]

We went nuts on the typefaces here using Water Brush for a playful, impulsive slogan and Fargo Faro for the name/date. Nobody makes those wild-looking, devil-may-care, borderline-counter-culture campaign ads anymore. It’s all Gotham and somberness and trendy, implied “class” these days and it’s about time somebody did something kind of Seventies. Realistically you could set the name/date in any old bold to tone the effect down and this will still work, but as long as we’re not getting paid we’re taking a few liberties!

Give us a call, Skip! We won’t be sad if you don’t because honestly, you need us more than we need you!

-M Styborski

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