Loki in the Marigny

HumidCity started off on Blogger in early 2005 as a team blog covering the grassroots/underground art and music scene in New Orleans. That direction changed radically on the twenty eighth of August just like everything else related to New Orleans (you can read our revised mission statement made from Exile in NY on 9-29-05 here.)

Realizing that Katrina was a first, a storm that even I would run from, I sent out a mass email to everyone I knew telling them to check the blog for updates. We were hitting the road and would use the recently set up voice posting system to keep everyone aware of our status. We hightailed it to West Memphis, AR in a caravan of 9 people, 13 cats and a midsized snake (all crammed into three cars) where we came to ground in a low end hotel filled with New Orleans refugees. I guess it was the colorful collection of people and animals that originally drew the attention of the BBC, who were kind enough to write about our odyssey.

Well the levees breached the day after the Storm and the hotel lobby filled with displaced New Orleanians, clustered around the TV watching the city fill with water. Somehow the horror was easier to bear with others from home around you. I realized suddenly that I had a responsibility to give these people a voice. Mass media was sure to provide the usual hyperbole and misinformation. I started getting the people ther in the hotel with me to call in voiceposts to the site on our cell phone. These initial voiceposts became the core of what would eventually become The New Orleans Oral History Project (Which has now been reabsorbed back into the main structure of HumidCity and is no longer maintained as a separate presence.)

Since then HumidCity has been an ongoing stream of commentary and opinion, a voice in the wilderness of Post K New Orleans. We hope to present a variety of local bloggers both here and in the diaspora in order to provide a multifacted view of this unsettling period of time in our city.

In an age where we are bombarded with advertising and media spin it is the first hand account and the personal perspective that people wish to see. Thanks to the internet, blogging, RSS and other forms of social media we can now access exactly that.

While I will always be the main voice of the site I hope to treat you to a variety of perspectives and viewpoints from throughout the neighborhoods of New Orleans. The past and present voices of HumidCity have included the likes of Matthew Nolan, Oyster, Lord David, Modern Day Estella, GBitch, Pableaux, Bigezbear and more. In addition we are proud to syndicate the emails of Matt McBride and the occasional post from the New Orleans blogosphere.

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