Sep 20, 2006 by alexis stahl

I found this poem, the shoelace, from Charles Bukowski’s 1972 collection Mockingbird Wish Me Luck to be all too relevant to the...

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The Big One

Sep 16, 2006 by alexis stahl

A chill wind in New Orleans, Everyone awakes with fear. Children peek out of windows, Old folks crack open beers. A green light...

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Fire in the Theater!

Sep 8, 2006 by alexis stahl

The late great Coliseum Theatre. First a bit of history. The Coliseum opened in 1915, located on Coliseum Street at Erato Street. The...

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New Orleans Bounces Back

Sep 6, 2006 by alexis stahl

Here are a few recent articles about New Orleans’ bounce music after Katrina and how the rap artists are asking fans to get...

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Aug 26, 2006 by alexis stahl

The fleur-de-lis. This stylized lily has come to be New Orleans’ little red ribbon of rememberance, solidarity, and pride. It...

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