farewell from fred

Nov 10, 2008 by PH Fred

as i wander into my forty fifth year on this planet, i ache to understand where i am now. the disappointments, the failures, and...

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time for extra credit?

Oct 30, 2008 by PH Fred

as the erection,,, i mean election winds down, it’s time for our not-so-apt pupils to hustle to get that passing grade. should...

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e pleurisy unum revisited

Sep 29, 2008 by PH Fred

well, two years ago i did my first guest post here…. back when my punctuation and sanity were a little more focused. back...

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breakfast wit’ da mayor?...

Sep 26, 2008 by PH Fred

so i got this email forwarded to me today about BREAKFAST WITH THE MAYOR.  WTF? was this some sort of joke? our in absentia mayor is...

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boston nearly baked my beans

Sep 24, 2008 by PH Fred

i went to boston this past weekend, actually to milford and mansfield. i wanted to check out farm aid for the first time since the 95...

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