Apr 17, 2006 by wine

I just saw this on LJ in a couple communities, and I’m spreading it. Please go to the source link and help find this...

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Feb 15, 2006 by wine

What’s the status of the city-wide wifi network? Do I need a password or something to register? Or should I just rely on the...

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My turn to help

Feb 10, 2006 by wine

I’ve arranged a gig with the Banana Courtyard B&B (Esplanade & Rampart) as their jack-of-all-trades guy. They’ll...

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Time to transfer

Dec 29, 2005 by wine

It looks like I’m finally gonna take the leap & temporarily head down to NOLA to find work & help rebuild the city....

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Take it to the top

Sep 11, 2005 by wine

When Bush says he doesn’t want to play the blame game, it’s because he doesn’t want to poke himself in the eye. He...

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