DeAnna duPont

DeAnna DeAnna duPont 

As a history buff and storytelling advisor, DeAnna tells New Orleans’ story on a daily basis through her career as a professional tour guide and manager. With 300 years of her New Orleans family history, the city is always on the tip of her tongue.

As Sports Tourism Director for Nola Sports she creates exciting trips and events for travelers coming to Southeast Louisiana to enjoy our professional sports.

As a Content Writer for Hearst Communications she educates people nationally on a variety of topics from politics to entertainment and everything in between through the written word.

As a health and wellness coach she works with clients to help them live their best lives.

As a Performing Arts Coach her students went on to careers on Broadway, recording contracts and in tv and film.

As a Producer, DeAnna has her hand in music, arts, history and travel. She helped produce the most recent two albums from the band Delta Rae, is the producer for the travel video show and blog Open Doors with DeAnna and is the producer and director of the Louisiana chapter of the Eliza Project which brings performing arts training to underprivileged youth.

DeAnna is known by many as “The Muse of New Orleans” and she was named a “Top National Woman Influencer” and  “Motivater of the Year” in 2019 & 2020.
DeAnnas diverse nature and background paves the way for any and all subjects to be discussed.

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