HC Irregulars

Jack “Monkeyboy” Ware first began his blog, monkeywithabutcherknife.com, on April 15th 2005 with the words: “I sleep like a caveman caught in the ice. Arms and legs every which way, head all twisted and an expression of confused amusement; this is when I’m most relaxed.” Later that year Jack began writing for New Orleans Metroblog. Retired since late 2007, Jack lurked around the dark, digital alleys of the intenet until the formation of The Zombie Jesus Jamboree in 2009. And with that, he stepped fully back into the glowing red eye of the internet’s annonymous opinion machine…

teddTEDD M WALLEY: Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tedd has been drawing, and reprimanded for drawing, since the early age of eight. Not one to pass up the opportunity to put a doubter in their place, he earned college degrees in advertising design and commercial art and has since been plying his creativity and talents in those fields in a variety of ways for almost twenty years for the likes of Elmer’s candy, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust, Blue Plate Mayo, Luzianne, JFG, Wick Fowler’s, Zatarain’s, Tony Chachere’s, Adler’s Jewelers, Rubenstein Bros, and Inside Northside magazine.
Much like the city he calls home, Tedd is a mish-mash of colorful history, (which has included celebrity bodyguard work, graphic designer for an advertising agency, t-shirt artist for rock bands, advice columnist, non-Katrina evacuee, and now college professor and comic book writer/artist) that when he was asked to throw a[euro]oebrave, opinionated man when behind the safety of a computer screen (read: `blogger’) onto that resume he simply couldn’t refuse.

A Charter Member of the Krewe of Chartreuse, he is the Krewes’ Minister of Blasphemy and one of its’ three Sanctus Custodis Viridus.

Tedd continues to make his home in New Orleans, LA on Bayou St. John where he balances a career as a college professor of computer graphic design, graphic design, cartoon and traditional illustration [Delgado, City Park Campus] with his publishing duties for his comic book Mathilda…




Monte Reed has been contributing photo and video work since the days of The Silver Machine . His works can be seen throughout the HumidCity YouTube Page and Flickr Community

Matthew Nolan– In the dawn of the Website Matthew became our first regular arts contibutor, adding weekly poetry to the site. After Katrina and the Federal Flood he became a voice i the wilderness, a rally cry not to go quietly into the night. He is the author of Crumpled Paper Dolls: A New Orleans Poet

Oyster– The Bivalve himself shared a brief tenure on HumidCity in the period leading up to Katrina. It was actually his post that made my wife and I decide discretion was the better part of valor and leave before the storm hit. If you don’t read Your Right Hand Thief you should.

Bifemmefatale – Just outside of Chicago is the wife of a former New Orleans resident who brought tons of investigative content to the site during the first half year or so after the storm. Her poly, pagan, feminist perspective was quite refreshing and her dedication to getting info up that we all needed during our enforced exile was a lifeline. Heres to you, darlin’!

Modern Day Estella A Lakeview native and law student who brought a Constitutional perspective in the first year after the Storm. She doesn’t post anymore, but the old stuff is still well worth checking out over at Metamorphoses84

GBitch Briefly joined the team when her site got hacked. For a few days while they were picking up the pieces she had her pulpit here. Since then she has returned to the roost at The G Bitch Spot. Every rare once in awhile she will still post as her login is still active.

Marrus From NYC where she went through 9-11 to a house in the 9th Ward just before Katrina this former DC Comics, Valiant and Elfquestillustrator has had a long and interesting time of it. Her login is still active but right now she is storyboarding for Johnathan Frakes and has been way too buried to use it.

Pableaux Another law student who was displaced to Eugene, OR and has since been organizing teams of law students to come down here and do pro bono social justice work. Now he is a legal eagle way out west.

In addition there are many others. People like  Mark Folse, adrastos, BigEZBear, Greg Peters, Rex from NOLArising, and Seide.

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