Liprap is otherwise known as Leigh C. She blogs on a weekly basis on Humid City and most frequently at Liprap’s Lament. After a six-year stint as a glassworker and a flirtation with cantorial school that would have set her on the path to becoming a member of the Jewish clergy, she became a 24/7/365 mom in 2002. After four years in New York City, Liprap moved back to New Orleans six months after 8/29/05 and was inspired to start blogging about the city for her friends back in NYC. It took a while, but she hooked up with the rest of the New Orleans blogpocheh (blogging family) a year after she moved back and is now in over her head helping organize the Rising Tide Blogger Conferences atop raising her son, working part-time at various jobs, reading anything and everything offline and on, writing about everything offline and on, and living a secular Jewish life. She and her husband, her son, her cat and her dog reside in the Lower Garden District. If you’re not careful, she’ll go all Yiddishe mama on your asses.

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