Loki – Fearless Leader

Loki, Glass Explorer


George “Loki” Williams, Founder and Curator, Google Glass Explorer

Who is this Loki guy? Wasn’t he the villain in The Avengers or something?

I’m George “Loki” Williams, pro blogger, rpg designer, and native creole cook. I have a love for the odd, the amusing and the tasty. Hardly shocking for a New Orleans native. Loki was a nickname I was given in my days at the House of Blues that just stuck. It was originally because of my awful puns and love of mythology and DND.

I’m not a super villain, but I do lead a double life of sorts.

By Day I am the owner of SocialGumbo, LLC, an online consultancy specializing in Web content, community management and social media. I’ve worked for clients including the Open Society Institute, The National Association of Broadcasters, The VCU Brand Center, Humane Exposures Publishing, and Kaiser Permanente amoong others. I’m one of the organizers of the Rising Tide Conference in New Orleans, and my work has been seen or written about in The New York Times, The BBC, Air America, and NOLA.com, among others.

By Night I’m one of the managers of Planewalker.com, the Official Planescape Website, and have been since 2004. During that time we’ve won two Silver ENnie Awards (’05 and ’07). I am also the Founder of the largest Pathfinder RPG Community on Google+. I’ve produced Pathfinder based work for Open Design, Adamant Entertainment, Savage Mojo, Jon Brazer Entertainment, and Heroic Joourney Publishing.

In The Small Hours That is when HumidCity happens. Shhh….. Don’t tell anyone. This is when I assume my other life as a founding member of the Krewe of Chartreuse. I addition I am also the Krewe’s Minister of Volume and one of its three Sanctus Custodis Viridus. I am a lifetime member of The Skull Club.

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