Loki, Glass Explorer

Loki, Glass Explorer

In early August 2013 I picked up my Explorer Edition prototype of Google Glass. This is the page where I will consolidate my writings and posts about the experience as well as outside articles about any of the projects written by other authors.

Coming soon: A POV series as local NOLA Chefs show off their chops, more band perspective videos, marching with Krewe du Vieux, taking Glass to Comic Con and much more! 

 Many Thanks to my IndieGoGo Supporters!!

Massive thanks are due to those that decided mine was a worthwhile project to support! The following are the people who have made it possible for me to  be in the #glassexplorer program by supporting my IndieGoGo campaign. I think of y’all when I add oddball or interesting new content to HumidCity with the Glass!

Michael Rubin
Charlyn Chisholm
Eric Dobrzelewski
Sean Minnich
Jaime Romans
Sarah Hood
M Gloss
Brian Berlin
Charlotte Ash
Milton Murphy
Molly K. Knapp
Todd Pierce
Ryan Ballard
American Zombie
Jessica Morris
Richard Hoffman
Robert Williams
Desier Galjour
Derek Bridges
Jo Hastings
Bradley Fuglaar
Spin LeBlanc
Sandra Dolby
Eric Dobrzelewski
Patrick Armstrong
Hans Cummings
Mischa Krilov
Ed Ireson
Maitri Erwin
Nancy Tilton Hand
Graham Gibby
Brian R. Beeler
Melissa at National Payday
Penny Davidson
Charles Brown
Brian “Psychochild” Green
Marc Kevin Hall
Cody T. Scott
Dawn Carl

and a number of others who wish to remain nameless.

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