The Empire Strike Back (Again)

Oct 1, 2006 by Loki

Ah yes, FEMA, those Federal Employees Mismanaging Again. The latest little note on their shenanigans comes from the LiveJournal New...

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Can’t Happen Here

Sep 21, 2006 by Loki

I will be leaving the posting to my other contributors for the next several days as I am buried in work. Before I evaporate I would...

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Rising Tide Blog

Aug 27, 2006 by Loki

I have posted a collection of links to all the post conference posts I can find. From Liveblogging notes on the panels to expansions...

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Rising From The Murk

Aug 17, 2006 by Loki

The following Rising Tide Conference schedule is up at the conference website. Also available on the front page is a registration...

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Down Under

Sep 4, 2005 by Loki

A dispatch only just now received… Aug. 31, 2005 This is a dispatch from New Orleans from Dr. Greg Henderson, a pathologist who...

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