Hurricane Prep 101

Jul 11, 2006 by Loki

Like many of us I find myself gearing up for possible evacuation. Alternating between optimism and dread about the season I still try...

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New Orleans Meme

Jun 12, 2006 by Loki

This one is for our New Orleans readership, both here and in exile. I found it on Fofalex’s LJ where he said he had looted it...

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May 27, 2006 by Loki

In Big Uneasy, Exit Planning Is Obsession – New York Times It begins as a conversation, perhaps over dinner, at the end of the...

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Podcast- Interview w/ Dave Bak...

Nov 29, 2005 by Loki

Dave Baker, bass player of The Paradise Vendors speaks about the current situation and his relocation to NC after Katrina.

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Sep 25, 2005 by Loki

Q-What does George. W. Bush think of Roe Vs. Wade? A- Frankly he doesn’t care how people get out of New Orleans. Originally...

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