Tonight: Bow 2 The COG

May 11, 2007 by Loki

Well there my wacky little geeks and freaks, tonight marks a (lately) rare appearance by Mr. & Mrs. Loki down at the Howling...

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New Orleans Humor

Jan 24, 2007 by Loki

Ganked unashamedly from Greg Peters over at Suspect Device, a really great piece of humor: Mayor Nagin and Police Chief Riley visited...

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open letter to a closed media

Oct 13, 2006 by PH Fred

it appears the the local media (TV and TP as well as Gambit) is busy reporting stories about business as unusual in the Big Easy...

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Sep 25, 2005 by Loki

Q-What does George. W. Bush think of Roe Vs. Wade? A- Frankly he doesn’t care how people get out of New Orleans. Originally...

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