the lower ninth: K+36

Nov 16, 2008 by M Styborski

Pardon me while I self publicize… Three years in the making, my first book is now available at Blurb. You can view the commercial...

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A Dozen For Tony Clifton

Oct 12, 2008 by M Styborski

Recently, I had the pleasure to see International Singing Sensation Tony Clifton live and in person at Pittsburgh’s Rex Theater...

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Sep 28, 2008 by Loki

Ouroboros, the mythological snake that eternally consumes its own tail. Circularity of this nature is very much on my mind right now....

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who the f is ike?

Sep 11, 2008 by PH Fred

this generation of refugees and evacuess is an odd lot…. most of whom have never heard of betsy or camille. AND mention of the...

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SPIN THIS! four more sequels, ...

Sep 6, 2008 by PH Fred

well KATRINA III was definitely a disappointment… (rita was KATRINA II for those of you  keeping score) but wait there’s...

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