Superbowl Minutiae and a Pick

Feb 3, 2013 by M Styborski

Well, today’s the day they play for the forty-seventh Lombardi Trophy and seeing as I can’t stand either team, (Niners...

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2 And 5

Oct 29, 2012 by M Styborski

Just when you thought nothing in the world could make Aaron Kromer’s double-interim babysitting tenure look good, along comes...

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2 And 4

Oct 28, 2012 by M Styborski

I can’t remember the last time the Saints were counted down and out before a game. Wait… it’s coming to me… yes… every...

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0 And 4

Oct 3, 2012 by M Styborski

Packers 28 Saints 27 Well, we held Green Bay to 102 ground yards, but considering the Pack is averaging 84.25 rushing yards/game this...

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0 And 2

Sep 23, 2012 by M Styborski

 Well Aaron Kromer has fixed the Saints problems. This week he affixed a small mirror to each players’ locker with a note...

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