Ray Nagin is a Tweet!

Jul 23, 2008 by Loki

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Ray Nagin on Twitter. It only took a moment to realize that someone is having a blast...

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Grey Skies

Jun 30, 2008 by Loki

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Lipwrap and Vitter: Live Tweet...

Jun 27, 2008 by Loki

Longtime HumidCity friend Lipwrap got chosen to be in a town hall with David Vitter over the phone yesterday. She reported the whole...

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Your Humble Narrator

May 5, 2008 by Loki

For anyone who may have a desire to listen to my drivel instead or reading it, here is a video interview I did with NOLA.com over the...

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HumidCity is now on Twitter

Mar 12, 2008 by Loki

Tweets by...

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